Wellcome dear!

Wellcome friends! Blessings to your New Year 2023! 

Just prayed that you may see the goodness of God - through faith - and waiting of all of us that we worship God in spirit and in truth.

Wellcome friends! 

So... blessings to your life for this important time!

It is still time to preach Gospel!!! And multiply making deciples.

We pray that the good will of our Heavenly Father´s will happens all the time in your life!!! Be fulfilled by the Spirit! (Last time prayed 19th of february in 2022)

Father - lead us to be in contact and bless the ways to be together the way  You want.

All friends please use this page to contact first time!

We are pleased to meet all friends around the world!

It is also good that we can communicate by translating basic words by google translator with other languages.

Passion in our hearth is to tell everybody about Jesus, so don´t hesitate to contact us when you have something in your mind to talk or to ask about Jesus and believing in Jesus.

What is going on is in our page= MENEILLÄÄN just translate it with google! We do mainly media work in radio but also many other things.

This year the national Jesus prayer holiday at 1.5. (Vappu) Elina is starting it with interviewing a congressman Antero Laukkanen. Last year Elina was the headcoordinator and I was carrying the finnish flag. This year it expanded to other medias doing it together as we have prayed and hoped.

For these times our way of thinking is to be in His presence and hear with both ears and have a hearing hearth and then do what Jesus says. Our aim is to go on with faith and love and to see what our Father wants to do in this world and let Jesus lead our way in Holy Spirit.

Last time in Israel: in christmas time 2020-2021 Markku met in Holy sepulchre, Jerusalem - friend from Australia, Tabernacle in Eilat friends from Maine and then in Tabgha, Kapernaum a friend from Russia. God bless you and keep in touch! Also jewish brothers from USA, there is also a news article below meeting them in Jordan river- where we celebrated that they are christian jews.

For Jesus searchers we recommend lots of eye opening truths -> https://youtu.be/5F_ckdjAmMI or click here: Biblical Worldview: Foundational Truths